Underwater Filming Device Launched!

Deep Links research lead and deep-sea biologist, Dr Kerry Howell (@DeepSeaEcol), and Marcus Shirley, owner of Mr ROV http://mrrov.com, have designed a new low cost, deep-sea towed camera system, which is currently at sea with us on the Deep Links cruise (as are Kerry and Marcus!).


Towed Camera System

The underwater video camera system is cheaper, more portable and more durable than other models, while capturing equally high quality images. The device does not need expensive and fragile fibre optic cables like other underwater systems. Instead, it can produce high quality images from depths of up to 3000 m, just by plugging into the copper cabling system that already exists on most research vessels. The development of the device was initially funded by Plymouth University, with the second stage funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

The new system will be tested during the Deep Links cruise, which is currently under way in the North East Atlantic. More updates will follow!

More information is available in two articles published today in the Plymouth Herald and Business Devon.


Underwater filming device launched

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